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to Heywer, a non-profit organization for people with chronic pain. Our goal is to provide information and resources to help each other survive the many changes to our lives, including our lifestyle and life purpose along with many other social and economic challenges caused by our disease. With copyright concerns, we have scaled back our sharing while suggesting to others to be careful while sharing information and resources. Consider resources like Web MD and Mayo Clinic on the Internet for medical research and to stay on top of medical developments for your disease. Also consider the Heywer books described below.


Heywer was formed to be a voice and advocate for people with chronic pain. We recognize surviving chronic pain is a difficult challenge we face each day in every part of our lives. Issues of adequate medical care, alternative medicine, lost insurance benefit struggles, future insurance protection, lost jobs, future employment alternatives, compassion, and more are of interest to Heywer. We help each other:

1.        Understand our illness and loss;

2.        Recover insurance benefits and other promises;

3.        Find new purpose and meaning for our lives:

4.        Encourage human compassion and responsibility;

5.        Reawaken our beliefs and renew our spirituality; and

6.        Regain our dignity.




Chronic pain brings pain and suffering, along with life-altering problems, to us and our friends, careers, financial security, and even our values and beliefs. Our entire lives fall apart. We feel helpless as the many parts of our lives fall down around us. There are medical resources that define and describe the symptoms and treatment of chronic pain, but few resources that describe and help address the many personal losses and challenges in our lives. Whatever the cause of our illness or injury, virtually all areas of a chronically ill person are affected. Accidents in the car, home, or workplace, or from disease (arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, neck, back and muscle pain, etc.) – however caused, chronic pain brings challenges and personal losses. Surviving the Chronic Pain Experience books help to improve the life of a person with chronic pain. Issues of adequate medical care, alternative medicine, lost insurance and employment benefits, future insurance protection, lost jobs, employment alternatives, legal struggles, dignity, compassion, and more are addressed. Personal stories, along with detailed research, are summarized and presented in the Surviving the Chronic Pain Experience books. The books describe a successful approach, information, resources, and suggestions that people with chronic pain can use in their daily struggle for survival.


Our books are endorsed and recommended by doctors and other health care providers, attorneys, and other highly acclaimed professionals along with chronic pain survivors already helped!


Try the new Heywer book: MY LIVING DAILY JOURNAL: Meditations for People with Chronic Pain (the Journal for LIVING WITH IT DAILY)


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____ SURVIVING THE CHRONIC PAIN EXPERIENCE:  Successfully Recover Insurance Benefits and Other Promises


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